Atela Black Sesame Cracker 342g

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Atela Black Sesame Cracker Biscuits is a perfect blend of high quality natural ingredients and black sesame seeds which have good effects for health (reducing cholesterol, increasing immunity for the body, etc.) The Atela black sesame cracker biscuits help you to add nutrition and full of energy, inspiration every day


Modern "BAKED" technology is not deep-fried or fried. The complete international quality management system and food safety. The products are good for human health



18 packets * 19g/ box 342g - 12 boxes/carton

ISO 22000:2005 certification
Halal certification
Purchase: +84 2433 217 288


Wheat flour, palm oil, sugar, margarine, whey milk powder, corn starch, white sesame seed, black sesame seed (1.8%), dried grated coconut, salt, leavening agents (503(ii), 500(ii)), flavor enhancer (621, 635, 640), emulsifier (322(i)), acidity regulator (450(i)), artificial food flavorings (vanilla, milk), flour treatment agents (223)

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