Vietnam Libra Co., Ltd. was set up in September 2012 with a strategic orientation to not only develop, expand and dominate the domestic market, but also bring Vietnamese branded confectionery products to the international market.

With a long-term vision, to become one of the big and prestigious enterprises in Vietnam in the field of manufacturing and trading of high-class confectionery products. Vietnam Libra commits that all raw materials are strictly controlled, have clear origin and 100% natural origin which always maximizes the use of fresh raw materials, thus Libra products are always rich in nutrients and its specific taste is completely different.

Vietnam Libra has a modern equipment and technology system, and applies and complies with International Standard Quality Management Systems such as ISO 22000: 2018 Food Safety Management System; Hazard analysis and critical control point HACCP; Certification that the product meets all requirements on ingredients and eligible for production and meets the HALAL standard requirements, etc. as well as strict processes and regulations on food safety and management.

Currently, Vietnam Libra has a diverse distribution channel system, wide coverage, the products are present in 63 provinces and cities across the country. Besides, Vietnam Libra products have been exported to many customers in nearly 20 countries and territories around the world such as Korea, China, India, Laos, Cambodia, Saudi Arabia, etc.

Mr. VIET Nguyen Duy (Founder of Libra) & Mrs. UT Phi Thi (CEO)



Vision: To be one of TOP 10 high quality and reputable confectionery manufacturers in Vietnam.

Mission: Applying modern technology, developing and providing differentiated products, high quality, and natural raw materials that are beneficial to human health and always aiming at customers and constantly increasing income, welfare for employees.

Core values: Reputation - Differentiated products - Customer orientation - Environmentally friendly - For public health.

Always building and affirming long-term values in accordance with the meaning of its name, LIBRA is a constellation of aspiration, a symbol of prosperity, fairness and integrity, and a reliable partner working together and long term commitment towards success.

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