Braka Coffee Biscuits 360g

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Combining from wheat flour, whole milk butter with premium coffee essence extracted from the finest Arabica coffee beans. Braka coffee biscuits have a light bitter taste, mellow blend of coffee and milk flavors.


Modern "BAKED" technology is not deep-fried or fried. The complete international quality management system and food safety. The products are good for human health.



24 packets x 15g/ box 360g - 16 boxes/ carton
Box measurement: 280mm x 200mm x 55mm
Carton measurement: 470mm x 420mm x 295mm

ISO 22000:2005 certification
Halal certification
Purchase: +84 2433 217 288


Wheat flour, sugar, palm oil, margarine, milk, coffee powder, salt, leavening agents (503(ii), 500(ii)), emulsifier (322(i)), artificial food flavorings (coffee, vanilla, milk) 

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